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General - Horse Sponsorship - Bea

11-year-old Belgian mare
Likes: Being brushed and getting pats
Dislikes: Cows
I have a special job at the Ranch: I pull the hay wagon with my best friend, Pearl! I’m really gentle around people, and I don’t mind standing quietly to wait for the wagon to be loaded with passengers.


General - Horse Sponsorship - Dodge

11-year-old Appaloosa gelding
Likes: Being in riding lessons
Dislikes: When mealtimes are over
I'm the best little camp horse anyone could ask for! I always walk slowly on trail rides if my rider is scared, and I'm great at following commands. I love being ridden in riding lessons or on the trails and I love taking care of the kids who ride me. I also really love eating grass and try to do it as often as I can!


General - Horse Sponsorship - Ember

16-year-old pony gelding, breed unknown
Likes: Cuddles
Dislikes: Walking in a straight line
I’m just a little pony, and I hear I’m pretty cute. I love being pet and giving cuddles! I like following my friend Smokey while being ridden, but sometimes I like to stop for no reason. I just like looking around at the scenery sometimes!


General - Horse Sponsorship - Huxley

18-year-old Quarter Horse gelding
Likes: Being handsome
Dislikes: Other horses getting attention
I like to think I’m very handsome, and I like people to tell me that, too! I love flirting with all the girl horses, and I love to go out on trail rides. Everyone tells me I look great in photos – what do you think?


General - Horse Sponsorship - Kipper

12-year-old Paint gelding
Likes: Visiting veterinarians
Dislikes: Wintertime
I’m a one-of-a-kind horse! No other BBR horses have the colours I have, and none of them are as accident-prone as I am. I’ve become really good friends with the vet! When I’m not busy getting hurt, I like hanging out with my friend Maverick and eating oats.


General - Horse Sponsorship - Larado

15-year-old Pintabian gelding
Likes: Walking slowly on trail rides
Dislikes: When other horses are mean to me
I am so calm and well-behaved that the BBR staff trusts me with any rider – even the ones who are really scared to ride. I always take care of my rider because I just want kids to have fun! I am guilty of one thing, though… I just can’t help myself from eating leaves and grass on trail rides!


General - Horse Sponsorship - Legacy

18-year-old Morgan gelding
Likes: Loping
Dislikes: Losing races
I’m really brave and I love to do all kinds of fun things: jumping, bushwacking, loping with the Canadian flag during Friday-night horse demonstrations, even pool-noodle jousting! I also like taking little kids on an easy trail ride. I’m game for anything!


 General - Horse Sponsorship - Maverick

13-year-old Thoroughbred gelding
Likes: Chewing on my feed box
Dislikes: Long work days
Before I came to BBR, I had the exciting life of a chuckwagon outrider! Apparently I was too lazy for that job, so now I have the perfect chance to take it nice and slow – teaching little kids how to ride! I always walk slowly and take care of my rider.


General - Horse Sponsorship - Molly

15-year-old Miniature mare
Likes: Escaping from my pen
Dislikes: Puddles
I’m way smaller than any other horse here, but I can do lots of things! I can pull a little cart, help with chores around the barn, and stand quietly for pets and scratches!


General - Horse Sponsorship - Nico

14-year-old Paint gelding
Likes: Having a cool hairstyle
Dislikes: Being tied to the fence
My patches of colour and crazy hairstyle make me stand out in the herd! I’m a silly guy who loves kids and playing games. I hate being tied to the fence, but only because I think I should be free to roam and do whatever I want!


General - Horse Sponsorship - Orchid

10-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse mare
Likes: Walking really slow
Dislikes: Staying clean!
I think I’m pretty special because I’m a pretty creamy colour and I have blue eyes! And I’m a Tennessee Walking Horse, which means I can do a special gait called a running walk that nobody else can do! But besides all that, my favourite thing is rolling in the mud and getting as dirty as possible! Maybe it’s because I like to be groomed so much.


General - Horse Sponsorship - Pearl

16-year-old Belgian mare
Likes: Playing with Bea’s bridle
Dislikes: Standing still
I have a special job at the Ranch: I pull the hay wagon with my best friend, Bea! I always try really hard while pulling the wagon, and I don't mind giving bareback rides to people. I love getting attention, but if no one is petting me while we wait for passengers, I like to chew on Bea’s bridle!


General - Horse Sponsorship - Smokey

15-year-old pony gelding, breed unknown
Likes: Coming to the fence to be pet
Dislikes: Being cold
I think everyone thinks my super thick mane and forelock are really cute! I’m the first one to grow my thick winter coat every year because I like staying cozy and warm. I like being ridden, and I like being used just to give pony rides, too. I’m really curious and I love getting treats!


General - Horse Sponsorship - Spirit

15-year-old Quarter Horse gelding
Likes: Being near my friends
Dislikes: When I’m not allowed to eat grass on trail rides
My previous owner used to lease me to BBR every summer, and the staff liked me so much they bought me! Now that I’m here for keeps, I like being the leader on trail rides, because I don’t like being away from the rest of the herd. But I do love trying to eat grass while I’m being ridden!


General - Horse Sponsorship - Titan

15-year-old Quarter Horse gelding
Likes: Leading trail rides and having a horsey moustache
Dislikes: Being tacked up too fast
I think I’m a pretty fun horse. I’m great at leading trail rides, giving arena lessons, and even jumping! I'm a favourite for staff to ride because I'm so good at everything, but I don't mind taking it easy with kids, either.