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General - Horse Sponsorship - Bea

11-year-old Belgian mare
Likes: Being brushed and getting pats
Dislikes: Cows
I have a special job at the Ranch: I pull the hay wagon with my best friend, Pearl! I’m really gentle around people, and I don’t mind standing quietly to wait for the wagon to be loaded with passengers.


General - Horse Sponsorship - Dodge

11-year-old Appaloosa gelding
Likes: Being in riding lessons
Dislikes: When mealtimes are over
I'm the best little camp horse anyone could ask for! I always walk slowly on trail rides if my rider is scared, and I'm great at following commands. I love being ridden in riding lessons or on the trails and I love taking care of the kids who ride me. I also really love eating grass and try to do it as often as I can!


General - Horse Sponsorship - Ember

16-year-old pony gelding, breed unknown
Likes: Cuddles
Dislikes: Walking in a straight line
I’m just a little pony, and I hear I’m pretty cute. I love being pet and giving cuddles! I like following my friend Smokey while being ridden, but sometimes I like to stop for no reason. I just like looking around at the scenery sometimes!



General - Horse Sponsorship - Kipper

12-year-old Paint gelding
Likes: Visiting veterinarians
Dislikes: Wintertime
I’m a one-of-a-kind horse! No other BBR horses have the colours I have, and none of them are as accident-prone as I am. I’ve become really good friends with the vet! When I’m not busy getting hurt, I like hanging out with my friend Maverick and eating oats.



General - Horse Sponsorship - Legacy

18-year-old Morgan gelding
Likes: Loping
Dislikes: Losing races
I’m really brave and I love to do all kinds of fun things: jumping, bushwacking, loping with the Canadian flag during Friday-night horse demonstrations, even pool-noodle jousting! I also like taking little kids on an easy trail ride. I’m game for anything!


 General - Horse Sponsorship - Maverick

13-year-old Thoroughbred gelding
Likes: Chewing on my feed box
Dislikes: Long work days
Before I came to BBR, I had the exciting life of a chuckwagon outrider! Apparently I was too lazy for that job, so now I have the perfect chance to take it nice and slow – teaching little kids how to ride! I always walk slowly and take care of my rider.


General - Horse Sponsorship - Molly

15-year-old Miniature mare
Likes: Escaping from my pen
Dislikes: Puddles
I’m way smaller than any other horse here, but I can do lots of things! I can pull a little cart, help with chores around the barn, and stand quietly for pets and scratches!


General - Horse Sponsorship - Nico

14-year-old Paint gelding
Likes: Having a cool hairstyle
Dislikes: Being tied to the fence
My patches of colour and crazy hairstyle make me stand out in the herd! I’m a silly guy who loves kids and playing games. I hate being tied to the fence, but only because I think I should be free to roam and do whatever I want!


General - Horse Sponsorship - Orchid

10-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse mare
Likes: Walking really slow
Dislikes: Staying clean!
I think I’m pretty special because I’m a pretty creamy colour and I have blue eyes! And I’m a Tennessee Walking Horse, which means I can do a special gait called a running walk that nobody else can do! But besides all that, my favourite thing is rolling in the mud and getting as dirty as possible! Maybe it’s because I like to be groomed so much.


General - Horse Sponsorship - Pearl

16-year-old Belgian mare
Likes: Playing with Bea’s bridle
Dislikes: Standing still
I have a special job at the Ranch: I pull the hay wagon with my best friend, Bea! I always try really hard while pulling the wagon, and I don't mind giving bareback rides to people. I love getting attention, but if no one is petting me while we wait for passengers, I like to chew on Bea’s bridle!


General - Horse Sponsorship - Smokey

15-year-old pony gelding, breed unknown
Likes: Coming to the fence to be pet
Dislikes: Being cold
I think everyone thinks my super thick mane and forelock are really cute! I’m the first one to grow my thick winter coat every year because I like staying cozy and warm. I like being ridden, and I like being used just to give pony rides, too. I’m really curious and I love getting treats!



General - Horse Sponsorship - Titan

15-year-old Quarter Horse gelding
Likes: Leading trail rides and having a horsey moustache
Dislikes: Being tacked up too fast
I think I’m a pretty fun horse. I’m great at leading trail rides, giving arena lessons, and even jumping! I'm a favourite for staff to ride because I'm so good at everything, but I don't mind taking it easy with kids, either.