About the Birch Bay Ranch Horse Sponsorship Program

Horses are an important part of summer camp and the year-round operations of Birch Bay Ranch. By taking kids and adults of all ages and riding ability for trail rides, hay rides and arena lessons, they offer our guests the chance to learn new skills, grow in confidence and interact with nature in ways they might not have ever tried before.

But horses are expensive! It’s not just what they cost to buy. They eat a ton, and come with all kinds of other costs, too. They need their hooves trimmed by a farrier every 8 weeks, require yearly vaccinations and dental exams, and need routine vet checks throughout the year. On top of that, they need quality tack that fits them properly, and they need staff members to take care of them!

What will you get in exchange for sponsoring a horse?

  • A photo and bio of your horse
  • Updates on what your horse is up to
  • The opportunity to come visit your horse and bring him or her a treat like an apple or carrot (please check with the office before coming)

How can you sponsor one of our amazing horses?