Riding Lesson 2021 Important Info

new faces!

We are looking forward to the start of our Riding Lessons again this fall. We have some new faces to introduce this year and some changes to how our riding lesson structure is working in an effort to serve you better.

We are thankful to have Amy Frederick join us once again as she continues to use her experience and knowledge to teach our beginner riders.

We are excited to introduce Tara Gamble as our new coach! She will be specifically coaching those who have ridden out of the beginner program and are ready to move on to the next stage of their horseback riding. 

More information for Amy and Tara can be found on the Meet our Coaches! page.

class LEVELS:

Trying to determine in which level to register your rider? Here is a description of each level:

  • Basic Beginner - Never ridden before. (Parent may be needed in arena) For Ages 8+
  • Beginner - Has ridden but never taken lessons or very new rider. Ages 8+
  • Advanced Beginner - Confident at walk, beginning to trot. Confident to tack and turn out (and catch for ages 12+) Ages 8+
  • Lead Line - Young rider (Parent required for assistance in arena) For ages 3-7 years.
  • Junior - Both Western and English Flat:  Confident at walk and jog/trot, posting, standing/two point position. Has done some loping/cantering. In this level the rider will continue to develop their seat and improve their control and position in order to move towards more advanced maneuvers.  Confident to catch, groom, tack and turn out.
  • Advanced Junior - Western and English Flat or Jumping:  Displays a secure seat and rides with control at the walk, jog/trot, lope/canter.  Ability to ride all three gaits without stirrups and is working towards more advanced equitation and horsemanship goals which may include jumping courses. 

Registration is found on the Beginner or Junior tabs.  

Class structure change

This is likely where the biggest change will be for those who have been with Birch Bay in the past. To better facilitate your rider we have specific class times dedicated to a specific level of rider. You can see them clearly marked in our Beginner Lesson Times and Dates page as well as a description of what each level is. 

stay updated

To communicate better with our riders and parents we have created a "Riding Lesson Updates" page. The idea behind this page is that it will have the most recent information available and you can go there to see any updates.

This will be especially important if there is weather causing cancellations or if a coach is sick, or if your coach needs you to have information before you arrive for your lesson. It is important to check that page often.

The most recent update will be at the top. We are hoping this will be a more reliable way to communicate with everyone especially if emails and phone calls aren't getting through.