About Our Staff

Birch Bay Ranch usually has eight year-round staff who live on-site. From May-August, we hire 12-16 additional paid staff to work full-time, and add another 20-25 staff and volunteers to work with us during our busy summer camps in July and August. All senior staff receive First Aid and CPR certification, and all of our staff are very carefully trained to run the various activities at the Ranch.

Working a four-month period or volunteering during summer camp is an invaluable experience. It will probably be the best summer of your life! That being said, it's important for our staff to view the Ranch as a mission field. The commitment during summer camp is 24 hours a day, 6 days a week for the weeks that you apply to work.

Here's what our past staff have to say about working at BBR:

Why work for BBR


If you'd like to apply to be on staff, you can get your application form here!