FAQ - Summer Camp


What are you doing about COVID-19 restrictions?
We will comply with health regulations at the time of camp. At this time (June 2022) there are no restrictions in place for overnight camps. We are continuing to clean and sanitize often, we encourage hand washing and we provide hand sanitzer.

Will my child need to be vaccinated to come to camp?
Overnight camps are not required to ask for children to be vaccinated to attend camp. We will continue to follow current restrictions. 

What if a child is sick at camp, or what if my child gets sick at camp?
The supervising staff will be trained in helping your child to complete the pre-screening assessment every day. If a camper shows unexplained symptoms during the day, the camper will be isolated with a designated staff member and the contact will be called to pick up the child. 

What is the Cancellation Policy?
The deposit amount is non-refundable. If restrictions cause camp to be cancelled then the deposit will be refunded. 

When do I arrive?
Overnight camp - please do not arrive early for drop off. Arrive on Sunday between 4:30-5:30pm. When you arrive at Birch Bay Ranch, a staff member will greet you and ask the name of the camper. You will be directed to your child's cabin. At the cabin you will meet their cabin leader and will choose a bed. You will have to sign in your camper. All other forms and releases have already been filled in online. There is supper provided on Sunday for the overnight campers.

Day camp - Arrive Monday through Friday at 8:30am. When you arrive at Birch Bay Ranch, enter the property and drive all the way down to the McCaughey Lodge where you will be greeted by staff and offered a coffee/tea.

Do I have forms to fill out?
You will have to sign in your camper and provide us with a personal ID. This ID will be needed to pick up your child. All other forms and releases have already been filled in online.

What about medication for the week?
ALL medication or vitamins that need to be taken during the day or for "just in case" - whether prescription or over-the-counter - MUST be logged in. This will be done during drop off on the first day. We have a designated person each week to provide first aid and to ensure that all medication is received, recorded and taken on time.

What about dietary needs?
We are able to accommodate many dietary needs. Please ensure that we are aware of any dietary requirements prior to arrival at camp. We do not use any nuts in cooking or baking. There are nuts in our tuck shop (candy store) in chocolate bars and on some candy labels as "may or may not contain". If you have specific questions about dietary concerns, please call us so we can talk with you individually (780-922-2883).

Do we need to bring any money for the tuck shop - candy, etc?
No, your camper will not require any additional money. You have already paid for their "tuck" (candy store) in your camp fee. 

How do we pick up our child?
Daycamp - Pick up Monday through Thursday is at 8:00pm. Please pick up your child from the McCaughey Lodge (same location as drop off). For Friday pick up - see "Is there a Friday Finale"?

Is there a Friday Finale?
Yes. For both Overnight campers and Day campers, we will be doing something special on Friday evening. Plan to arrive at the Ranch for 5:00pm. We'll be serving a free BBQ supper for campers, parents and guests from 5:00-5:45pm. After the BBQ there will be a planned event ending at 7:30pm. This is also a great time to visit the souvenir store. 

What if I need to reach my child during the week?
If you want to reach your child during the week, please call the Ranch office 780-922-2883 and we will ensure a message is delivered to your child.

What are Birch Bay Ranch's cellphone guidelines?
We strongly recommend that cellphones be left at home. Your camper will have a better camp experience without worrying about their phone.  Cellphone coverage is quite poor in most of our buildings and cabins. Wifi is not available to campers. We will not be taking cell phones away from campers, however we will ask that the phones be put away if there is any compromise in safety or if they are being used irresponsibly. Birch Bay Ranch is not responsible for lost/stolen/damaged cell phones or cell phone accessories. This includes ALL manner of electronics. Birch Bay Ranch is not responsible for the digital citizenship of your camper.

What if I can't drop off or pick up my child? Can I send my child with someone else?
Yes, you can send your child with someone else for drop off or pick up. That person will need to know your child's registration ID number and will need to sign them in or out. You have already signed all waivers and have provided us with all the medical information. If you are sending medicine (prescription or non-prescription), please also send a letter with your signature giving our staff permission to give the medication and indicating what medications you are sending, the dosage and when you want the medication given.

Where will my child sleep and shower?
Campers stay in either our bunk-style cabins or in our Cedar Lodge on camping cots. There are up to 12 campers per cabin. Washrooms with running water and showers are shared between 3-4 cabins. 

I requested a roommate - what are the chances that will happen?
Your child will be put into a cabin with whomever they requested. If there is any reason we cannot honor the request, we will contact you so that we can make a decision about the week together. 

Can my child call home?
We allow children to call home if they ask. If they ask to call because they are a bit homesick, please be prepared that there may be tears when they hear your voice. This does not mean that they have been crying during their time at camp. If you are concerned, ask to speak to their cabin leader who will be with them while they call.