Wish List

As a charity and busy summer camp and group rental facility, Birch Bay Ranch often develops specific needs. If you're looking for ways to help out our camp, see if there is anything on this list you'd be willing to provide or even give us leads for.  Even if you can't supply the whole need, donations towards these needs are always appreciated!


Camper and Seasonal Staff Cabins - $900,000/unit.  
          Each unit has 2 cabins with washrooms and 4 seasonal staff rooms
          UPDATE Sept2023 - One unit has been built with $110K left owing on it.

Hay - 220 round bales, 750 square bales 
Road crush - 6-10 truck loads
New Doors/Windows for Directors House
New Doors/Windows for Cedar Lodge
Cedar Lodge flooring ($17,000)


Year round staff housing 
Small tractor (Indoor Riding Arena)
ATV’s (4X4)
Fireplace for Cedar Lodge
Six foot wide “trail groomer”

Thank you!