What to Bring to Camp/FAQ 2021

The following is information for Day Campers. We will update the information for Overnight camp when we are given permission to run.

Day Campers will need to bring:

  • Backpack with the following items:
    • Change of clothes
    • Rubber boots (both for horseback riding and for STEM activities)
    • Hat
    • Water Bottle with camper's name on it
    • Bug spray
    • Sunscreen
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Mask
  • Pre-Assessment Check

Please ensure you have done a Pre-Assessment with your child EVERY DAY prior to bringing them to camp. Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, with a history of international travel in the last 14 days, or with close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days must remain at home. Children must not attend the day camp program if they are sick, even if symptoms resemble a mild cold. Symptoms to look for include: fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, headache, and a general feeling of being unwell. It is recommended that you take your child's temperature each day prior to bringing them to daycamp.

Please DO NOT Bring:

  • Cell phones, electronic games, iPods, etc. (these seem get misplaced and/or broken)
  • Flip flops (our ground is uneven and ankle injuries are common with flip flops)
  • Candy, pop, or any other food (our campers are very well fed)
  • Pocket knives
  • Cigarettes, alcohol or drugs

FAQ's - These are from 2020 and will be updated for 2021 as more information is known.

What are you doing about COVID-19 restrictions?

How big will the groups or cohorts be?
Cohort groups will be max 20 kids and 1 staff per cohort group. Two cohort groups will share some of the outdoor spaces.
How will Birch Bay Ranch serve meals? 
Plated meals will be served with the campers allowed to indicate which items they would like on their plate. Each plate will be touched by masked and gloved staff and then passed to the camper once filled.  Cohort groups will eat together spaced at the tables as per restriction guidelines.
How will activities work?
Horseback riding and other activities that allow for disinfecting between cohort groups will be offered daily. The ropes course activities will be offered staggered during the day with 24 hours between cohort groups (as per restrictions). Saddles and reins will be sanitized between children. Harnesses and helmets will be assigned one per child for the week of camp - they will use the same harness and helmet the entire week.
Will your staff wear PPE?
Staff that are not part of the cohort group will be masked when working directly with the campers (activity leaders, cooks, servers).
Will there be singing?
No, at this time singing is still restricted. If the restrictions are loosened then we will re-address this option. 

What if a child is sick at camp, or what if my child gets sick at camp?
Please do the pre-screening assessment EVERY DAY before dropping off your child at camp. If a camper shows symptoms during the day, the camper will be isolated with a designated staff member and the contact will be called to pick up the child. 

What is the Cancellation Policy?
The deposit amount is fully refundable if restrictions cause camp to be cancelled or if the decision of overnight vs day camps change your ability to attend. For other cancellation reasons, our regular cancellation policies apply (see cancellation policy when you register).

When do I arrive?
An email will be sent to you the week before your child is to attend camp. Details of drop off and pickup times will be included in that email. You will need the campers registration ID to pick up your camper at the end of each day.  Due to restrictions, parents will not be permitted to leave their vehicle during drop off and pick up and will not be able to stay onsite after dropping off their child. 

Where do I go when I arrive?
An email will be sent to you the week before your child is to attend camp. Details of where to go to drop off your child will be included in the email. Due to restrictions, parents will not be permitted to leave their vehicle during drop off and pick up and will not be able to stay onsite after dropping off their child.  You will have to sign in your camper. All other forms and releases have already been filled in online.

What if it rains?
Day camp will run rain or shine. Please have your child dressed appropriately for the weather. We have indoor spaces available and will ask the campers to wear masks if the activity calls for close contact.

What about medication for the week?
Any medication that needs to be taken during the day or for "just in case" - whether prescription or over-the-counter - MUST be logged in. This will be done during drop off on the first day. We have a designated person each week to provide first aid and to ensure that all medication is received, recorded and taken on time. 

What about dietary needs?
We are able to accommodate many dietary needs. Please ensure that we are aware of any dietary requirements prior to arrival at camp. We do not use any nuts in cooking or baking. There are nuts in our tuck shop (candy store) in chocolate bars and on some candy labels as "may or may not contain". If you have specific questions about dietary concerns, please call us so we can talk with you individually (780-922-2883).

Do we need to bring any money for the tuck shop - candy, etc?
No, your camper will not require any additional money. You have already paid for their "tuck" (candy store) in your camp fee. 

Is there a Friday Finale?
Because of the current restrictions, there will be no Friday Finale. Camp will end on Friday at 6:30pm with a regular pick up of campers.

What if I need to reach my child during the week?
If you want to reach your child during the week, please call the Ranch office 780-922-2883 and we will ensure a message is delivered to your child.

What are Birch Bay Ranch's cellphone guidelines?
We strongly recommend that cellphones be left at home. Your camper will have a better camp experience without worrying about their phone.  Cellphone coverage is quite poor in most of our buildings and cabins. Wifi is not available to campers. As this is more a guideline than a policy, we will not be taking cell phones away from campers. We will ask that the phones be put away if there is any compromise in safety or if they are being used irresponsibly. Birch Bay Ranch is not responsible for lost/stolen/damaged cell phones or cell phone accessories. This includes ALL manner of electronics. Birch Bay Ranch is not responsible for the digital citizenship of your camper.

What if I can't drop off or pick up my child? Can I send my child with someone else?
Yes, you can send your child with someone else for drop off or pick up. That person will need to know your child's registration ID number and will need to sign them in or out. You have already signed all waivers and have provided us with all the medical information. If you are sending medicine (prescription or non-prescription), please also send a letter with your signature giving our staff permission to give the medication and indicating what medications you are sending, the dosage and when you want the medication given.