Junior Class Lesson Times and Dates


Junior Classes are taught by Tara Gamble and she is excited to teach the next stage of lessons!


We have a new Junior Class to introduce. This class is for those who are ready to move beyond the beginner level. This class is more advanced and as such more will be asked of your rider.  A skill check ride or recommendation by the Coach is necessary to ensure you have the skill base needed to succeed in this new class. The levels taught are:

  • Junior - Both Western and English Flat:  Confident at walk and jog/trot, posting, standing/two point position. Has done some loping/cantering. In this level the rider will continue to develop their seat and improve their control and position in order to move towards more advanced maneuvers.  Confident to catch, groom, tack and turn out.
  • Advanced Junior - Western and English Flat or Jumping:  Displays a secure seat and rides with control at the walk, jog/trot, lope/canter.  Ability to ride all three gaits without stirrups and is working towards more advanced equitation and horsemanship goals which may include jumping courses. 

When registering, you will be able to register as a Junior, but will not be able to choose the time for your class. Tara will be grouping the classes together and you will receive an email indicating which class you will ride in.

For your lessons, please note:

  • You will be required to catch, groom and tack your horse prior to the lesson (with parental supervision until 16 years) so you will need to be 30 minutes early for each lesson.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late twice you will not be able to continue and no refund will be issued.
  • Give yourself 15 minutes after the lesson to untack, groom and turnout your horse.


Prior to registering for a spot in Tara's classes, participants will take an assessment lesson. These are being scheduled for January 5. This is a private 30 minute lesson that can be scheduled in the registration form below. There is a $65+GST fee to book this lesson (it is non-refundable/transferrable). The purpose of this lesson is for Tara to slot you into a class that will give you the most success. It will also give you a chance to meet your coach and see her teaching style. 

What to expect for an assessment lesson:

  • You will be asked to groom and tack your horse (15 mins.).
  • You will ride for 30 minutes while Tara asks to show what you know.
  • The ride is one on one with Tara.
  • You will only need to do the assessment lesson one time. Once you are slotted into a Junior class, you will be able to continue with Tara as your coach without taking additional assessment lessons.




January 5 - Assessment lesson

This lesson is mandatory for those who have never taken any other lessons at Birch Bay Ranch and/or believe they are already into the Jr Class level of riding. Below are the times available to book:


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call contact the office!
780-922-2883 or office@birchbayranch.com

January 12 - february 16: 6 one hour lessons

Wednesdays- $270+GST 
4:45-5:30pm - Western/English Flat
5:30-6:30pm - English Jumping
6:30-7:30pm - Poles and Intro to Jumping
7:30-8:30pm - Western
*Classes and times may change depending on interest and numbers however we will do our best to keep to these times.


mARCH 9 - aPRIL 20: 6 one hour lessons

Wednesdays- $270+GST 
5:30-6:30pm - Junior Class
6:30-7:30pm - Junior Class
7:30-8:30pm - Junior Class
8:30-9:30pm - Junior Class