Important information to consider before registering

1. Cancellation Policy:

  • Please note that once you have registered for your CHA Certification with us it means that we have reserved that participation opening exclusively for you. 
  • The $300 deposit is non-refundable regardless of circumstance. IF Birch Bay Ranch cancels the certification, the deposit less the amount for manuals ($175) will be refunded.
  • If you cancel 45 days or more before the certification start date, your registration fee can be a credit on your account, not a refund, meaning it can be used towards a future CHA Certification. You will have your credit on file with Birch Bay Ranch for 6 months.
  • If you cancel your participation in the certification less than 45 days before it is scheduled to take place, your entire registration fee will be forfeited.
  • If you have to cancel for a medical reason this is done on a case by case basis. Please note, COVID-19 is now considered a known or foreseen event.

2. Accommodation:

Birch Bay Ranch is a summer camp with single size, bunk style, shared accommodation (think hostel). There are 14 beds per cabin. We provide mattresses, and you will need to provide all bedding.

Bathrooms are also shared. They are very close to the cabins (about a 10' walk at the most along a covered deck). Bathrooms have stalls in them and showers are similar. Bathrooms have running water, hot and cold. Showers do not require money to operate.

All meals within the CHA Certification schedule are provided.

You have the option of booking a hotel and driving yourself back and forth to Birch Bay Ranch daily. The drive is approximately 30 minutes from the nearest hotels. If you choose this option, you will not be charged the overnight portion of the certification fee ($36/person/night + GST). Meals will still be provided.  

3. Managing your expectations for a CHA Certification:

Provided below is a sample of a letter sent by a Certification Director in preparation for a CHA Certification at Birch Bay Ranch. Please read it carefully as it will give you an idea of what will be asked of you. 

  1. In order to achieve certification at a certain level, your riding must be at least into the level above your certification. 
  2. CHA does not certify new found knowledge, meaning if you have no knowledge of the material prior to coming to this clinic, CHA will not be able to certify you on what you learned during the clinic.
  3. Everyone will teach a minimum of 4 classes; 3 will be mounted and 1 unmounted.  If you are aiming for certification in the higher levels, you may be asked to teach more than this, and on short notice (i.e. 15 minutes to prepare).  In order to achieve certification you must be solid on your teaching of everything in the level(s) you are certified in.  This means you should be able to teach anything from that level at the drop of a hat.
  4. Everyone will start at a level 1 mounted class regardless or prior certification or experience level.  
  5. No one will be asked to teach at a level higher than they are comfortable with. 
  6. It is possible to achieve different levels in either seat, and to certify in both disciplines, or just one seat.
  7. This is a multi-discipline certification so both English and Western lessons will be happening throughout the duration.  
  8. Each of your teaching sessions will be 15 minutes and will need to include all the elements of a lesson (please watch the CHA sample lesson on the CHA website - Sample 15 Minute Lessons for English/Western Certification).
  9. You will be role playing for each other as riders.  
  10. The 3 manuals and CHA website are what the certification is based on, and this is the material we use to certify you on.  Please note that the composite manual is a guide on theory and horsemanship and is written at a basic level.  Lack of depth of knowledge will be apparent if you simply re-iterate what is written in the manual, and it is expected that you will draw greater depth from your experience, especially at the higher levels.  The written test is based on all 3 manuals and the CHA website and may indicate any gaps in theoretical knowledge and/or practical experience. 

Here are some resources to look at ahead of time 

1.     All Certifications Benefit Booklet

2.     Free Webinar for English/Western Certification what to expect

3.     Sample 15 Minute Lessons for English/Western Certification

We hope this information is helpful in deciding if you are ready for a CHA Certification at Birch Bay Ranch.

If you have any follow up questions regarding

The CHA Certification process, please contact CHA directly as they will have the best information.

Contact: Terri Weaver

Any questions about facility, registration and/or payment please direct to Birch Bay Ranch.