Meet our new horses!

We'd like to introduce you to our two newest horses, Midnight and Luna!

General - Blog - Midnight & LunaMidnight is on the left and Luna is on the right.

Midnight and Luna are both registered Morgan horses. They're all black with no markings, and as you see from the picture, they're kind of hard to tell apart! Luna is 12 years old and Midnight is 9. Luna is actually Midnight's mom!

General - Blog - Luna
Pretty Luna.

They have been together almost their whole lives, and are very attached to each other. They are both really sweet horses who are well-broke and so far seem easy to ride. They belonged to a family whose kids owned them, took lessons on them and trail rode them, until the kids went off to university.

General - Blog - Midnight
Handsome Midnight.

They're still pretty new to the Ranch, so we've only ridden them a few times, but we like them so far, and we're excited to integrate them into our program with trail rides this spring and summer camp in July and August! We hope you can meet them sometime!