Equestrian Drill Team

Birch Bay Ranch is excited to offer the opportunity for experienced riders to participate and learn skills as part of an Equestrian Drill Team.

Equestrian Drill teams practice the precise art of choreographing horses through patterns to music. Riders develop strong horsemanship by challenging the skills that they already have and incorporating them into a pattern with other riders and other horses.

Watch the BBR Drill Team at their first performance


  • Ages 16+
  • Must be able to start, stop and guide horse with control at a walk
  • Must be able to do a controlled trot for 15 minutes straight
  • Should be beginning to Canter
  • The nature of this sport requires a solid commitment from month to month 


Cost is $60/month+GST, paid in 4 month installments, with $30 + GST charged for September. Total owing for September - December is $220.50.

Included in the cost is hauling in your own horse or using a Birch Bay Ranch horse. 

practice time:

Practices are Sundays from 6:30-9:00pm. Please come in time to catch/tack/prepare your horse and be ready to begin riding at 6:30pm. First class is September 19, 2021

Waiver will need to be filled out for each individual rider, an additional waiver will be required if you are hauling in your own horse.

All Spots are currently filled. Registration will open once spots become available. Please contact the office at: office@birchbayranch.com to let us know you are interested!